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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Christ in the Centre 2012

Dear friends,

Planning for 2012’s Christ in the Centre is underway. The event will be staged on Good Friday morning (April 6th). We are determined to ensure that this, the 10th production, once again helps bring the meaning of Easter to life with the same power as in previous years.

We are very thankful to all who have supported us so well over the years, and would ask you to consider whether your church members could help again this year. Your continuing prayers for a successful event are requested. There are several other ways to become more involved:


We welcome new cast members - commitment and enthusiasm are more important than acting experience. To find out more attend the Casting Workshop at 10.30am on Saturday 29th October at St Andrews Church Hall, Gateway Street, Leicester LE2 7DP. More info - Hilary Ayling, (07963 311210 or Hilary.citc@gmail.com).


We welcome new stewards, who help ensure the safety of the crowd – which approaches 10,000 people. The commitment is to attend a training session on an evening ahead of the event and attendance on the day – an ideal job for busy people, and a valuable contribution to the event. More info: Tony Grayson, Chief Steward, at tonygrayson@fastmail.fm


Presenting the drama is expensive, and we start making spending commitments in the autumn. It would be very helpful to receive funds then. So we would ask whether your church and its members could consider making – or pledging – donations, to Jonathan Cryer, Treasurer, 4 Honeybourne Close, Oadby, Leicester LE2 5PJ. Individuals can maximise the benefit of their donations by using Gift Aid.

Many thanks for your support in the past, and we look forward to your church making more contributions to this wonderful event in the future,

Yours sincerely

Barry Naylor

Canon Barry Naylor