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Churches in the Partnership

Friday, 20 March 2009

Cathedral Square Project

The Southern Edge Mission Partnership is looking forward to welcoming The Reverend Peter Hobson to its meeting on 30th April. Peter is the director of the Cathedral Square project and we will be joined on the evening by members of the City Deanery.

Alistair Helm the Mission Partnership Convenor says;

‘This is a really exciting project at the heart of our City and on the Southern Edge we are looking forward to finding out how we can support the mission and outreach opportunities it will bring.’

The Southern Edge business will be concluded by 8.15pm, the Cathedral Square talk will start at 8.15pm.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Barn Dance

SEMP Barn Dance - Saturday 14th February

Over 60 people from several different churches in the Southern Edge Mission Partnership met at the Samworth Academy for a Valentine’s Day barn dance. The live band provided on-going instructions for a great many dances, many of which even seasoned barn dancers were unfamiliar with. There were the usual mix-ups and tangles as people forgot instructions, turned the wrong way, swung the wrong partner or just got confused between right and left. It all added to the fun as we breathlessly ‘stripped the willow’ and lifted ladies off the ground in a ‘basket’.

There were plenty of soft drinks to quench our thirst and plenty to eat at the ‘bring and share’ supper. Brief respites between dances allowed us to get our breath back but most people were soon up and dancing to the strains of 2 accordions and a tambourine. The caller was patient but persistent in getting as many as possible on the floor and most of us certainly got plenty of exercise during the evening.

It was great fun and a good opportunity to meet with people from our mission partnership churches. Many thanks go to all who helped to organize the event.

Kate Helm